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Yo, I'm Yadomaru Lisa, pleased to meet you.
There's not much to say about me though I use to be the lieutenant of the 8th Division working under Shunsui Kyōraku. My hobbies are reading erotic novels and watching hentai. Don't dare grabbing my hentai without my permission -- if you do you'll see what happens to you!

"I'm not pervert, I just have a ...healthy interest!"

ぶりちまとめ by はなまろん

“L-Lisa! This is too revealing!”

"C’mon, Nanao. I picked it out for you, the least you could do is wear it." 

[Itachi & Lisa] A belated gift


Whilst Itachi had indeed appeared rather calm throughout his exchange with Lisa Yadomaru earlier that day, he could not help quite help the drawn out bout of contemplation that surely followed. A state that did nothing but cause further confusion on his part, for he could not for the life of him recall anything that had transpired during the past week. Try as he may, there existed nothing but a blank slate.


Silent, Itachi ran a finger over the edge of the package that he held in his hands, the faint sound of the gentle ripple of fountain water and the occasional chatter of passing students being the only ones punctuating the otherwise quiescence-laden atmosphere. It was going to be quite some time till he would be able to remember past events; he would, slowly but surely.

It was not long, however, before his musings were put to an end, because just as he raised his gaze, he caught sight of a familiar dark-haired female. Lisa Yadomaru. At this, his hand fell to his side. She had arrived just as they had discussed and promised.

“Lisa-san,” he acknowledged.

Another flip to the next page, this hentai novel was getting quite interesting, even the chattering in the classroom seem to diminished when she would read her novels, though she couldn’t help to wonder if telling Itachi what happened before was the right thing. He seem in a high state of confusion and maybe it was bothering him, though it would be better if he reeled his memories himself, then if he had any questions, she’ll be more than happy to answer them herself. The bell chimed, as it notified the students that it was time to proceed to their other classes or lunch. Lisa packed up her things in a hurry, knowing that Itachi was waiting for her near the fountain. Despite, she didn’t want to bother him in getting her something, she was excited to receive a gift from the Uchiha. 

The visored raced out of the building to spot Itachi from afar, holding a package, what could it be? She couldn’t help to feel curious what was the package hiding. Lisa walked towards him as her lips formed a small smile, she was happy to see him again. Her heart always skipped a beat whenever her teal eyes saw his handsome features and when a single word was said. “It’s nice seeing you again, Itachi. I hope I didn’t put you through any trouble getting this gift for me.” 


A lot of work? Ino doubted a book store would hardly have heaps of people running around, asking for assistance on what to buy or where to queue. It wasn’t exactly a clothes store. However, she supposed that it could be difficult. Ino had never anticipated her work at the pizza parlour would make her so tired, but although she was great with people, even she found it difficult to deal with some customers.

But even if Lisa found the book store a lot of work, she was happy. Happy to spend that time with Itachi. Ino’s lips thinned a little, but she didn’t comment on that, merely answering that Ikkaku was very energetic. A little too energetic sometimes.

However, the conversation went back to the topic of Lisa’s hollow side. Once again, Lisa used the very same words that Ino had heard from people all her life.

“A person like you doesn’t understand that feeling.”


It was true that she had lived a happy and privileged life, but it was unfair when people could throw that at her so easily. Sasuke, Tensa, and many of the Akatsuki members. It wasn’t her fault that she hadn’t suffered like they had, or didn’t let tragic events dictate her life. It wasn’t her fault that she couldn’t understand, especially when they didn’t even let her. But she supposed it was more unfair for Lisa, who had to live with the part of herself that she despised.

“I don’t know how Itachi-San feels about you other than that as a friend,” she replied, swallowing the bitter lump in her throat as she recalled what a lovely pair Itachi and Lisa had made at the Winter Dance, “but I do know… Itachi-San is a kind person. Even the part that you don’t like, Itachi-San would like it. Because it is a part of you.”

She didn’t even know why she was trying to encourage Lisa. Ino hated love triangles. But Lisa’s feelings ran deeper than some stupid crush. Ino realised that in comparison to Lisa, her feelings weren’t nearly as meaningful. She’d fallen for Itachi when he had said she’d looked beautiful, more than a year ago. And Lisa claimed that Itachi was the light that led her out of her darkness. Her sorrow. Her despair. Ino had none of those things. She couldn’t ever possibly cry to Itachi about her problems, or disclose her insecurities, they were all so small and insignificant when she compared them to his.

But Lisa could. She could understand the depth of his sadness in a way Ino probably never could since she had never experienced it or been through it.

But it was also nice to hear someone else loving Itachi for a change. Everyone cursed his name, reminded her of his crimes every so often and… it was such a relief to hear some praise for him. To hear that others loved him as much as she did.

“If you really feel that way, then perhaps you should let him know that.”

And Itachi should hear some encouraging words from others, too. He had sacrificed a lot for his village and only earned contempt. Even if she didn’t like love triangles, she loved Itachi, and knew that it would do him the world of good to hear a kind word.

It must be hard for the blonde to hear all this coming from Lisa, though it couldn’t be helped, despite not admitting her feelings towards the Uchiha everyone else must have known, even Itachi himself. “Ino, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have been so harsh on you. Though there’s no way you’ll understand what I have to live through, I apologize if my tone was rough.” Lisa felt bad that she let her emotions get the best of her, sometimes it was better not to talk about her Hollowfication towards people, she was scared that one day the chains would come loose and unleash that side of her that she most hated, though Lisa’s hope was unwavering and that wouldn’t happen until she died. Teal eyes widen to hear what the blonde said, to hear that Itachi will accept her being that monster. “You really think so? I don’t ever want Itachi to hate me for what I am, I don’t ever want to cause him any harm or…” The visored paused.

There wasn’t a chance that she’ll forget Ino’s feelings towards Itachi as well, she was here before her and spent so much more time with the Uchiha male, though her heart wouldn’t change on the feelings Itachi. Lisa shook her head at the blonde’s suggestion, it wasn’t the time to confess to him yet. “No. I can’t. It’ll be a horrible step backwards for me, though in time I will. Itachi does have a right to know, though not right now.  Right now, I promise myself and Itachi that I’ll protect him no matter what.”

"Though, I don’t know if I was dreaming or not. Though I do remember a time where Itachi was coughing up blood. And that really scared me, I still wonder if it’s a dream or not, Ino."

“I grabbed his butt to wake him up today.”

The Gallant Sage’s not so gallant arrival… (open)


The Sage could barely contain his nostrils as he surveyed the area of the courtyard. Short skirts, tight fitting vests that accentuated every curve of their young bodies oh so perfectly. This was the Valhalla he had dreamed of. This school yard setting, beautiful girls… Yes, a life well lived, a life well rewarded...


“Aheeheehee… there must be a god if he’s set my afterlife up here. I just have no idea where to start…. hehehee…”

Wasting not a minute, he waltzed up to the nearest schoolgirl and decided to try his luck, whilst, of course, being careful about his manners, just in case this indeed was too good to be true, although he had little doubts by now.


“Excuse me, young lady, but I seem to be a little lost, would you perhaps be able to show an old man around this fine institution?”

The visored was excited that her new triple deluxe nude magazine came in the mail, she was thrilled that it was ten times more the naked women. She walked down as she turned the page, seeing another woman, Lisa could never go a day without reading or watching her hentai. Though, hearing an unfamiliar voice, as she turned around she could see the man’s intentions. He seem liked Shunsui, a guy that enjoyed hitting on younger girls and maybe get to feel up on them. “Hmph, You shouldn’t be creeping on me like that! Though, it wouldn’t hurt showing a new guy around the academy.” 

"I’m Yadomaru Lisa, nice to meet you. I’ll be your tour guide around Iwakiri Academy." 

Anonymous sent: Hey Lisa, do you always leave Kensei behind when you guys travel abroad? Coz you know, Kensei carries a knife with him.

"Yes, all the time. Besides, he’s always in a bad mood. Always on his time of the month." 

[Lisa & Itachi] So We Meet Again


Carry him on her back?

If the young boy did not feel awkward before, he certainly did now. Self-reliant, he had never really been one to wish to trouble others, even if they gladly offered him their assistance. He was much more comfortable with being the one to lend a hand. Being in an entirely foreign environment with a little brother to take care of on his own, however, did mean he had to approach quite a few people. It was the best thing for the both of them; Sasuke, especially.

“—A-ah,” he said. “You don’t need to worry yourself about that, Yadomaru-senpai.”


“I can walk on my own, and I don’t want to trouble you.” He fingered with the edge of his bag strap, contemplative. “I’m not looking for any place in particular, really, but it would be useful to get to know Iwakiri a bit. It does seem like I might be staying here for awhile.”

"It’s not a trouble for me at all, though I only want it to be okay with you, Itachi. I don’t want to make you seem uncomfortable at all, though I’m glad to see that you’re fine. Hm, what do you want to do? Do you want to uh, go out to eat or something? Or maybe we could play some games, if you like." Lisa said, she didn’t really know what kids did; expect for reading to Nanao back in the days when she still was in the Soul Society. The visored smiled awkwardly  maybe she should have read more kids books than hentai novels. There was no doubt that he might felt confused about things here, Iwakiri was a strange place, Lisa will try her best to make him feel better. 

"Or I shouldn’t be suggesting things, what do you want to do?" As, your elder — I should be concerning your needs more?  Is there anything you like? Or make your stay more better?” Lisa sighed, she couldn’t imagine how Itachi’s past was, he seem more cheerful back when he was a kid, though even if he was in this state for awhile; her word wasn’t going to go back. The black-haired girl fell to her knees and embraced him tightly, maybe he won’t feel right hugging the young Uchiha male, but Lisa couldn’t help it. 

"I’ll always be here for you……."